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Game Refund Process

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Fill out the application form in Our Refund Gate Website.
2. Review Application and Process with Refund.
3. Confirmation of the Result After Approval.
4. Refund Completed after Comission Paid.
5. Receive a 30% comission from the refund amountin payment method.



Time Required for refund based on payment Methods

Did you pay in a Variety of Ways? Here is how to refund each payment method and how long it takes.


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(If you have multiple games, please list them.)

Method Of Payment
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Refunds will be paid for each payment method over the required period. *
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Once the refund begins, there is no cancellation or reversal.*
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Your account may be suspended after you issue a refund. *
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After confirming the refund amount, the fee must be deposited on the same day.
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If you fail to pay the fee after completing the refund, you may be subject to civil and criminal legal responsibility. *
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1.Purpose of handling personal information.

Company Refund Gate processes personal information for the following purposes and does not use it for any other purpose than:

Confirmation of a customer's intention to sign up, the person verification according to the service provision to the customer, maintenance of membership, management, payment of goods or services based on the supply of goods or services, etc.

2.Processing and possession period of personal information.

1.When collecting personal information from the information subject, the company maintains the personal information that has been agreed upon, sets the period of use, or holds the personal information in accordance with the law, and sets the period of use to manage the personal information.

2.The details are as follows:
Refer to the following examples to present the retention period, laws and grounds for the processing of personal information

(Example) -Sign up and manage customers : Until service contract or membership cancellation, In exceptional cases, the bond or debt relationship is managed until the settlement of the debt.

Supply records for contracts, withdrawals, payments, and goods in e-commerce: 5 years

3. The provision of personal information to third parties. The Refund Gate does not provide personal information to any third party except under Article 17 of the Personal Information Protection Act, such as the separate consent of the information subject and the special provisions of the Act.

4.Consignment of personal information processing.

The Refund Gate does not entrust the processing of personal information.

5.The rights, obligations and exercise of information subjects can exercise the following rights as information subjects.

A subject of Information can exercise their respective rights to privacy at any time.

1.Require access to personal information.
2.Request correction for errors, etc.
3.Deletion Request
4.Processing Stop Request.

6.Rights and methods of exercise of members and legal representatives.

1.Members and their legal representatives can at any time inquire or modify personal information of themselves registered or children under the age of 14 and request cancellation of their membership (withdrawal of their consent).

2.In order to check and modify personal information of members or children under the age of 14, the user can directly access and correct the information by clicking "Modifying member information".

To cancel (withdrawal of consent), you can directly withdraw from the membership by clicking "Exit membership."

3.If a member or legal representative requests correction for a personal information error, the personal information would not be used or provided until the correction is completed.

4.The company processes personal information that has been canceled or deleted at the request of the members or legal representatives in accordance with "2.Processing and possession period of personal information" and cannot be accessed or used for any other purposes.

7.Items of personal information collected and The way to modify them.

The Refund Gate collects personal information for membership, service provision, and other counseling.

1)Required Item
-Home address, Password, Birth date, Home phone number, Gender, Login ID, Mobile phone number, Name, E-mail, Connection IP information, Cookie information, Service history, Connection log.

Company, Company phone number.
3)The way to collect personal information
Membership and Board of the homepage.

8.The destruction of personal information.

In principle, The Refund Gate destroys the personal information immediately after the purpose of processing the information has been achieved. The destruction procedures, deadlines, and methods are as follows:

The destruction procedures.

The personal information of the users should be destroyed within five days of the end date if the retention period has expired.

If personal information such as achieving the purpose of handling personal information, abolishing the service, or terminating the project, etc becomes unnecessary, the personal information shall be destroyed within five days from that date if it is deemed unnecessary.

9.Measures to secure personal information security.

In accordance with Article 29 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the Refund Gate takes technical, managerial and physical actions necessary to secure stability as follows:

1)Minimize and train employees handling personal information.

It is currently implementing measures to manage personal information by designating employees who handle personal information and minimizing them by limiting them to those in charge.

2)Regular self-inspection.

In order to secure safety related to personal information handling, the company regularly conducts self-inspection(once a quarter).

3)Establishing and implementing an internal management plan.
To ensure the safe handling of personal information, the Refund Gate establishes and implements an internal management plan.

4)Encode personal information.

The user's personal information and password are encoded, stored, and managed so that only he or she can know.

In addition, important data also provides security, such as encoding files and transfer data or using file locking.

5)Technical measures against hacking, etc.
The company regularly updates and checks security programs to prevent leakage and damage of personal information by hacking or computer viruses, installs systems in areas with restricted access from outside, and monitors and blocks them technically and physically.

6)Restrict access to personal information
We provide access to database systems that process personal information by granting, changing, and removing access to personal information. We use intrusion prevention systems to control unauthorized access from outside.

7)Keep access records and prevent falsification.
We store and manage records that have been connected to the personal information processing system for at least 6 months. To prevent forgery, theft, and loss of connection records, we use the security function.

10. Items related to the installation, operation and rejection of automatic personal information collection devices.

The Refund Gate uses 'cookies' to store and retrieve information about the members from time to time to provide individually customized services to the members.

Cookies are stored on your computer's hard disk as a small text file that the server used to run our web site sends to your browser, and your computer is identified but you are not personally identified.

1.Purpose of using cookies, etc.
The Refund Gate uses cookies for the following purposes:
Analyzing the frequency of access and time of visits by members and non-members, identifying and tracking user trends and areas of interest, and providing target marketing and personal custom service by identifying the degree of participation in various events and number of visits.

2.The way to reject cookie settings.
The member has the option of installing cookies. Therefore, the member can set options in the web browser to allow all cookies, check each time the cookies are stored, or reject all cookies.

Example of how to set up : (For Internet Explorer) Tools located at the top of the web browser->Internet Options->Personal information. However, cookies should be allowed in order to access the company's web site, and it may be difficult to use the company's services that require login.

11.Personal Information Management Officer.
1)The Refund Gate is responsible for the handling of personal information, and designated the person in charge of personal information management as shown below to handle complaints and damage remedy, etc of information subjects related to personal information processing.
Personal Information Management Officer
Name : The Refund Gate
2)The person in charge of the information can inquire all personal information protection related inquiries, complaints, and damages caused by using the company's service (or business).

The company will answer and process inquiries from the information subject without delay.

12.Change the privacy policy

1)This Privacy Policy applies from the effective date. In the event of any additional, deleted, or corrected changes according to the law or policy, we will notify the change through the notice from 7 days before the change.

I agree to the collection and use of personal information. *
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